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5 januari, 2011 § Een reactie plaatsen

My previous blog was about Death and writing. I guess one might call this ‘Death and the things it makes me do, Part II’. By golly, I could make it into a series – I most likely won’t.

Here it is, the second ‘thing’ I used to do and have started doing again: watch movies, loads of them. In the past three months I’ve seen quite a few. Here’s a list of those seen 2010Q4 – all from memory, as I haven’t kept track of any of the titles.

-*- List will be edited during the following days is being edited. -*-

1st time:
Adventureland | Breaking and Entering | Dinner for One | I’m here + | I could never be your woman – | Looking for Eric + | Message in a Bottle | Mousehunt | Sex and the City 2 | The Snow Man | The Straight Story | Twilight New Moon | Twilight Eclipse | Another Year (Ketelhuis) + | Loft (Ketelhuis) | You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (Movies)

2nd, 3th or umpteenth time (dvd):

Betty Blue (director’s cut) | Delicatessen | Notting Hill | Secretary | Something’s Gotta Give | When Harry Met Sally

Every now and then I felt like writing a review – I might start doing that again. Also, I’d like to keep track of what I’m seeing this year. As time’s running out, no links for now, and only a small percentage listed.

* 5th: The Social Network (Kriterion) +, jan 5th.
* 6th: A minus / a plus means: surprised me… Either in a negative or positive way. Also, I’ve dropped the idea of adding links.
* 6th, still: Right. Have added links to the cinemas.


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