Inspiration. Do it. Like Oberst

12 januari, 2011 § Een reactie plaatsen

Creative people as such I’m not that impressed with. Like I said, talking about Secret Lives; I think there’s creativity in each and every one of us. Creative people actually doing something with that creativity: I bow to thee.

To allow yourself time to make music, paint, take pictures, draw, make movies, write, you name it, is a challenge. You won’t necessarily make money out of it – odds are, you don’t. You probably have to juggle those creative urges between work, family, friends, trying to find your way between all kinds of obligations and distractions. If you, at last, succeed in managing a time slot to create, procrastination kicks in. Unfortunate as it is, procrastination always seems so much stronger than that need to be creative…

Besides obligation and procrastination fighting over your time, there’s that little thing called insecurity, claiming each and every one out there can do what you do would like to do. Perhaps that’s true. Point is: the majority of these people doesn’t. They’re blindfolded by their own enemy, preventing them to simply face that inner and outer obstacle course. Crucial and therefore more important; their voice isn’t yours. Kick the insecurity and just do; no matter how long it takes, no matter if you enjoy it or not.

Who cares if it’s a struggle to get the work done, You Are Doing It. What’s not to like about that?

PS Someone I find very inspiring, is Conor Oberst (1980). He “self-released his debut album Water on cassette tape [sic]”* aged 13! In ’98 he released the first official Bright Eyes album. Check out this Oberst December ’98-interview : ) I’m happy I got to see Bright Eyes in de Melkweg in 2007 – their performance was amazing. Also amazing: Bright Eyes are about to tour!

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