It’s odd, beyond odd

7 juni, 2011 § Een reactie plaatsen

Let’s say: incredibly odd.

Just a sec ago I thought: I should write a list of things I like to do and then start doing them again.

Erm… Say what?! Rewind:
“I should write a list of things I like to do and then start doing them again.”

I find that odd. Beyond odd. One would think you DO the things you like, simply because you LIKE doing them. Food for thought: do you truly like those ‘things’, if you do NOT do them? And vice versa: does it mean you like the ‘things’ you do NOW for the mere fact that you are doing them?

Yes, this calls for CAPITALS, thank you very much. Now for my list…

* Writing: check. Love that. Now pick up a pen.
* Making movies (vlog style). Really enjoy that.
* (Help) improve other people’s websites. (My site will be launched this year.)
* (Help) improve other people’s texts. (That’s right; 3 & 4 are related. Very much so.)
* (Help) getting people and businesses online.
* Taking pictures.
* Going to the movies.
* Watching movies on the sofa.
* Cuddle a kid. Right. Now there’s a challenge. What else?
* Smelling grass, sea, forest.
* Camping (borrow my dad’s van?).
* Running. Nice.
* Kissing. Very nice.

I used to love laughing, too. Laughing feels a bit odd now. Maybe write it down anyways?

* Laughing.

There you go. My list. Last but not least: listening to music. Making music. Reading. Which I’m going to do now.

PS I didn’t forget to mention friends and family, cats and coffee.
They are entwined.


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