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20 maart, 2012 § Een reactie plaatsen

To find your voice: that’s the challenge. For me, it comes down to two things: in what language do I chose to write – if I make a choice at all? Secondly: what story am I going to focus on – and is a focus on one story and one alone a necessity?

Celebrating life in Tuscany would make any aspiring writer aspire to writing even more. The landscape is as beautiful as promised, the people laid back (until they get behind the wheel of their car), the ice cream truly better than anywhere else I’ve ever been and ah, they know the proper way to make coffee.

After having gone offline for 10 days, I had a hard time getting back online. That blog explaining what it was like: I haven’t written it yet. The lessons learned: they’re floating in the back of my mind. The need to write: it’s still there, it’s being explored.

* I’ve re-acquainted myself with Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way‘.
* I’m reading Snyder’s ‘Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies‘ (unfortunately the prequel wasn’t available the physical bookshop way).
* I’ve entered the Script Frenzy (a sister of NaNoWriMo) and the Screenwriter’s Challenge.
* I’ve entered a course that I’ve been interested in for months if not years (more on this later…).
* I’m halfway through an eight week session at the Amsterdam Writers and yes:
* I’ve finally decided on hiring my own desk at a marvellous shared office with inspiring writers, camera journalists, filmmakers.

Progress is being made, decisions being taken, money has and will be spent. As the author of ‘Amsterdam… The Essence‘ tells me time and again: there’s no better way to invest your money than in yourself and your own development.


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