November equals Novel

26 oktober, 2012 § 2 reacties

Writing with just one hand is quite the challenge.
My daughter asleep on one arm, I try and stop #cat1 from lying on top of her with the other. Again and again. But, be that as it may, I have dusted off my NaNoWriMo-account. Conjured up a working title for this November Novel. Decided on a genre. Writing does not involve a pace count; I, too, can do it.

To create something that might last, inspire, give joy,… It’s special. Although my children are ‘my’ best creations ever – nothing known to mankind can even begin to compete – I would like to create some siblings for my so-far single book-child ‘Mijn eerste vriendje’. To begin, middle and end something is The Challenge, to have people wanting to read it cover to cover, The Reward.

Tomorrow I might need my fountain pen again: it’s workshop day! ‘Write the Novel: The Mini-workshop’ by Nico Janssen and Lisa Friedman was recommended to me by my lovely husband David Beckett. Three hours of The Artist In Me-Time. Looking forward!


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